Beechford Home


Interior Design Plan for the She Shed

She Shed LayoutMy interior design plan for the she shed includes functional work spaces, lots of storage and a comfortable space for reading, taking conference calls and embroidery. Initially, I used the Ikea office planner tool and the 12'x20' dimensions of my shed...

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Arrival of the She Shed

Preparing the SiteWe needed to prepare a base before the arrival of the she shed. Old Hickory Buildings recommended we put in a base of 5/8" crushed gravel around 6' deep. They also suggested that we make the base approximately 1' wider all the way around the...

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The She Shed

  Why a She Shed? We considered many options for our renovation including adding space above the garage, extending the house into the garage and moving the garage over as well as moving my office to the basement. We quickly crossed adding space above the garage off...

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