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Why am I writing a blog?

Hello and Welcome!

Glad to have you with me! If you know me, your first question is likely, why am I writing a blog? Well, I found some pretty inspiring people on Instagram who blog about the design and decor of their homes. As a result of their inspiration, I decided to start this blog as a challenge to myself. I wanted to see if I could create something others were interested by taking that inspiration and combining it with my own ideas and style. At the very least, I wanted to chronicle the process of the extensive renovation we are embarking on at our home in Nestleton, Ontario.


Who am I?

​Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a mom, wife, two-time University of Guelph grad, skier and camper. I enjoy gardening, reading, and designing. I’m also a life long Blue Jays fan. One of my favourite aspects of life is seeing how our kids experience the world and how things that seem so small to us can be so interesting to them. In my day job, I work in the agriculture industry, supporting farmers with their crop protection needs.

Family Photo

Family photo September 2019 Photography by Shutterbug Imaging

What am I writing a blog about?

We are renovating! My husband, Donald, and I bought this house five years ago. At the time, we loved the space, it’s almost an acre lot and the curb appeal is great. The location was also a big selling feature as it’s close to my parents and our friends. We knew some of the interior needed work; hello 1990s kitchen! We’ve also had two boys, Garrett (age 3) and Trevor (age 1), since we originally bought the house so some of our needs have changed. Over time, we’ve discovered a few more things we’d like to change cosmetically and structurally.  Our original plan was to renovate in the spring/summer of 2020 but thanks to Covid-19, we are looking at 2021.

Does it suck to be living in a house with a poorly functioning kitchen for another year? Yup! One door will literally fall off in your hand and a few drawers will fall off their rails. However… it has given me more time, perhaps too much time… to design, plan, source and rework and refine our renovation plans. So, this blog is going to be a diary of sorts for our renovation plans and something I can use as a creative outlet. That’s why I am writing a blog. Hopefully you find something interesting, I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback, good or constructive.

To see my first blog post click here, it’s all about the she shed we are building.

Thanks for reading!