Beechford Home

Renovating our forever home

Welcome! Follow along as we renovate our home in Nestleton, Ontario.

This site will chronicle the design decisions, the before and after and the finished project. The plan for our renovation includes adding an outdoor office space, replacing the flooring throughout our home as well as gutting the kitchen, the bathrooms and the laundry room. I plan to include sources of inspiration and sources of products that we use as well. Of course we will be painting, decorating and adjusting as we go.

Our House in Winter 2019

We planned to renovate our home in summer 2020 but thanks to Covid-19, it will be 2021. Now that I have more time, I have been inspired by Instagram to challenge myself to see if my ideas and style could combine to be something beautiful.

fall leaves

Chronicling the renovation of our forever home. Check out the before and after pictures, the design, the styling and a few cute kid pictures too! I will be adding to the blog as we move along with the She Shed as well as my sourcing of renovation items.

Beechford Home Logo

Do you have questions about what you see? Do you have an idea that you think I would love? A source I may not have thought of? Maybe some constructive thoughts on how to make something better? Please, send me a message! I would love to hear from you. 

The She Shed

We decided to add a shed to use as an office instead of building an addition. This will give us the additional square footage we were looking for without the massive additional costs that changing the house would create. Follow along as we install the shed, put together the design and finish the inside.

Why Beechford Home?

Where does the name Beechford Home come from? It was a longer process than you might think! Trying to come up with an appropriate name I wanted it to feel strong and feminine, to evoke a sense of timelessness and professionalism and above all, I wanted it to represent me. I also wanted it to be something that would fit as the site evolves. I went around and around with different words, my favourite flowers, words that speak to beauty and design and nothing ever really fit.

Beechford Home was created as a combination of my mother and father’s last names. I have a strong connection to my family and our history so it was very fitting to pull them together. Home felt more appropriate than design or decor because it really is going to encompass all aspects of our home. Together they give me exactly what I was looking for, a traditional, strong name that would represent me very clearly.

In designing the logo and colour scheme, I wanted the same things, strength and femininity, timeless, professional and to represent me. I brought in a script font for femininity and the serif font for the timeless traditional look that I love. When it came to colours, I knew I wanted to bring in a deep burgundy as my favourite colours have always been reds. I paired it with a light beige colour that would also work well with black and a slightly creamy white. You’ll notice a dusty rose, a nod to my favourite colour as a child being pink as well as a darker beige, that feels traditional and a bit like brass.